Instagram has a lot of benefits to give to its users. If we think from a marketing point of view, you come to know that from paid advertisement to reels, from product posts to IGTV, Instagram offers many marketing possibilities.

To avoid long-term strategy, some people go for buying fake followers. The market has a number of services that send a flood of followers, likes, and shares on buying Instagram followers within some days at the cost of enormous money.

Although it has some benefits, I’ll tell you first and then the disadvantages in detail for your betterment.

Some Benefits

  • On a surface level, a massive increase in the number of your followers.
  • Profiles become eye-catchy at first glance due to a lot of followers.
  • Fake followers on the new post can boost it and get the first position in the hashtag, sometimes bringing a few genuine followers to your profile.
  • It saves your energy and time.

Is Buying Instagram Followers Worth Your Money

After knowing some of its pros, it’s time to discuss its cons to answer the question, is buying Instagram followers worth your money or not? So, let’s jump into it.

No Engagement

no engagements

Your Instagram account needs engagement in addition to followers. There are two types of fake followers. The first type is a real account, but they have no interest in your product or services. These fake followers just grab your money, follow you and never return to like, share or comment on your posts.

The second are those who are not real in any way. They are just bots(a piece of code masquerading). However, they make automated, nonsensical comments on your post. So, they are more dangerous and destructive than the former. They are AI, who have no heart, mind, or needs. So, they can never take an interest in your products and never decide to buy them. It’s a complete loss of your money, with no benefit.

Possibilities of Spamming


Always keep in mind that in buying fake Instagram followers, you have to give your account name, maybe your email also; otherwise, the sellers can easily find your account detail. It means you are ready to be spammed with your consent. They can use your email address to send advertisements, vulgar content, and spam emails.

Once they follow you, they have access to your followers also. They also spam them, and if your followers catch those fake accounts, you will surely lose some of your real Instagram followers.

Lack credibility

Whatever your reason for using Instagram, your credibility matters the most. Some people use a cheap price buying follower strategy instead of real agencies that advertise your accounts to bring followers to you.

If you are a social media influencer, it causes a massive increase in your fans, but “bot” fans. Those accounts that just follow you but can’t engage on your posts and never show any interest in your content (pictures, audio, or video). With these useless efforts, you can’t be an influencer on a long-term basis.

These fake followers or bots can damage your credibility if you are running a business page. More followers but fewer likes and comments tell your real followers that something is suspicious. Even Instagram knows about these bots and removes them. What happens when your followers decrease by hundreds and thousands? It will severely affect your profile, and you will lose your credibility.

Once they delete, you will lose your money

In addition to the “Instagram Bot Analytics Tool,” which will help you check the ratio of fake followers and check the credibility, there are many tools on the Internet that can track your Instagram followers. They efficiently provide you with the complete audit of any Instagram account. So, any of your real followers may also check the percentage of real and fake followers.

Instagram has an excellent command over spotting fake followers. Instagram deletes the inauthentic and bot/fake Instagram followers to make everything spam-free, user-friendly, and authentic.

So the total amount of money you have already spent on buying Instagram followers, likes, comments, and shares will now go in vain. Instead of increasing, you will lose your followers one by one. In the end, you have nothing in your hand at the expense of your money.

Instagram Terms of Services

buy real Instagram followers

Before buying fake followers, you must read the terms and services of Instagram. Once you read, you will know that this activity will destroy your business. Instagram considers both buyer and seller as dishonest, and if they catch you, they will ban your account. Consequently, you will lose your actual followers, your content, and your struggle. It also questions the credibility of your brand name.

  • Don’t buy followers, either fake or bots.
  • Don’t offer money in exchange for following, likes, saves, comments, and shares.
  • Don’t post fake reviews.

Although every account has some fake followers or people who followed them but never return to show any activity, keep in mind, there is a typical percentage of fake followers; if that limit exceeds, Instagram will instantly notice it and take action. They will either warn you or ban your content from Instagram or Facebook.

Complete damage to Business

Fake followers have zero interest in your business, and they don’t like and engage in your posts; thus, they can’t spend money on buying your products and services. Real followers either love your content, give your mind and soul great satisfaction, or spend money and benefit your business.

How to Get Real Instagram Followers

Instead of buying fake Instagram followers, the best strategy is to get real Instagram followers. If you don’t know how to perform this task, I’ll tell you some fantastic points to gain real Instagram followers.

  1. Find the target audience
  2. Optimize Instagram account bio and profile
  3. Do keyword research
  4. Find and use the right hashtags
  5. Write engaging content
  6. Don’t hesitate to answer your followers.
  7. Post stories, reels, and held small contests and queries
  8. Add IGTV series
  9. Promote your account on other social platforms.
  10. Use it on your website
  11. Tag relevant users and location
  12. Follow your competitors. Don’t feel jealous
  13. Do collaborations
  14. Post consistently and at the right time
  15. Constantly check Instagram insights
  16. Advertise your account on Instagram

The Final Line

Although buying fake Instagram followers is a common practice nowadays. Many people use this strategy to get new followers initially but never think of its harmful effects in the long run with the waste of money.

Yes, you indeed get followers, but your business will never be affected by this, especially in a positive way (sales, services, and publicity).

Gaining real followers is not a simple task; it will need your time, strategy, money, and patience, but what you get in the end is a great result. So, focus on your content, strategy, and spending money on your Instagram account advertisement.