Whatever your field, either photography, fashion, or literary person, or you want to set up a business, Instagram can help you in this regard. Instagram is not a numbers game, and it can bring traffic to your brand website, give a tremendous increase to your sales and make you a trendsetting influencer.

There are many ways to get more followers on Instagram, but you need a complete strategy to start using this social platform as your brand. From making bio to content, hashtags to promotion, every point needs your full attention.

Top 6 Tips to get more followers on Instagram

Although there is a long list of points and tips to get more followers on Instagram, I think they are essential to gain more and real followers. Here I give you the top 6 essential tips for every beginner Instagrammer to get more followers.

Create and Optimize your Instagram bio and profile.

bio optimize

Your Instagram insights tell you that every day your Instagram is seen by non-followers. These viewers come from your keyword, hashtag, or promotion strategy. But what happened when these users only visited your profile once. All your efforts of promotion are going to be in vain. That’s just because of the poor, unclear, unappealing, and incomplete bio and profile of your Instagram account.

Optimize your Instagram bio and profile according to these steps to get more followers.

  1. Choose a simple and easy-to-find username, which must be recognizable by users.
  2. Shorten the long business names, so the audience never forget the good name
  3. Don’t add numbers or special characters because they are hard to remember and unprofessional.
  4. Use the same username (of Instagram) on other social media.
  5. Create a profile picture that attracts visitors, is easily recognizable, and represents your business.
  6. Using a company logo as a profile picture is best.
  7. Using the same profile picture on social media is a good business strategy.
  8. Try to cover a compelling brand bio in 150 characters. So, use it wisely.
  9. Don’t waste words in writing your brand description, instead write your services, how you can benefit your visitors.
  10. Put a URL of your website
  11. Add a call-to-action button.

Create a content calendar

After optimizing your profile now, it’s time to make a content calendar. Every business needs a strategy, similarly posting content on Instagram also demands a strategy in terms of a particular day and time. If you post at random and haphazard times, your followers might consider this unprofessional.

So, to avoid this, it is best to make a content calendar. You can easily find the best social media content calendar templates from google. Use them, and convert your visitors to your followers.

Most brands publish posts a few times a day. It is best to check the right time for posting content according to your targeted users’ Instagram timing. Post on that timing will engage users, and in the end, you will achieve Instagram followers.

Understanding User Intent

It is simple to understand what type of content your users love to see. Your organic likes, shares, and comments on particular posts tell you everything regarding this. But you have to check each and every point of those posts like filters, captions, or timing of the post.

But still, if you want more detailed testing and analytics, then it’s best to use the Instagram analytics tool.

Find and use relevant hashtags that convert

Instagram hashtag

Do you know the most tried way to get legitimate followers on Instagram? Yes, it is “using relevant hashtags”. It is the most essential and oldest tool to extend social posts reach and get more followers and visitors. Although this is perfect for every social media, it has a separate important place on Instagram.

Whenever you see more likes and comments from non-followers, you will realize that they come to your account through hashtags. So, using the right hashtag helps your post reach a large target audience. However, Instagram allows you to use 30 hashtags per post. But you know, quality matters over quantity. So, if you use 9 to 10 hashtags per post and don’t reuse similar hashtags in every post, it will be an excellent strategy for gaining real followers.

Some free Instagram tools help you find the right hashtags for your posts. Such as Display Purposes and Auto Hash. Don’t miss the point that most Instagram users love to follow their favourite hashtags. So, if your post comes on the top of those hashtags, you will get new visitors, and then your profile and bio will help you convert those visitors to your followers.

Don’t gain fake Instagram followers by any means

There is a great difference between Instagram accounts having real and fake followers. People either buy or use follow-for-follow strategies to get more followers. It may increase your followers in numbers but never add any profit value to your brand.

A new user always feels suspicious when he sees thousands of followers on an inactive Instagram. It may be harmful to your account’s credibility. You will never succeed in business by buying new followers because they will never bring monetary value to your business. They are random people who have no interest in your brands. That is simply a waste of your precious money.

Even if you are not promoting a brand on Instagram, you are a photographer, a chief, or a literary person. What do you need? Some real likes, comments, and appreciation. Even having 100,000 fake followers will never bring any satisfaction to your soul. This satisfaction is only achieved by real followers who can share, like, comment, and engage on your posts.

Do your job best, build trust and long-lasting relationships for better performance of your Instagram account.

Promote your Instagram


One of the fundamental and best ways to get legitimate followers is to promote your account on every platform either through free or paid ways. The first thing is to use the same username and profile pictures on all social platforms to help you in this matter. Secondly, it is better to embed some of your Instagram posts in your blog. Thirdly, you can share Instagram and all your social links in your newsletter.

Above mentioned methods are free, and the paid one is to promote your account through Instagram promotions and ads. Keep in mind your Instagram account must have 20 posts; among them, some are highly beneficial for your targeted audience before starting promotions. These ads help you to get more real followers.

The final line

Never underestimate social profiles like Instagram. All social profiles can help you boost your brand and bring some fantastic customers to you. Although there are many other tips to get more Instagram followers, some essential tips for beginners are mentioned. Many people never pay attention to these things, only promote their posts or content; this will be helpful but not in the long run. Only remember one thing, quality always matters. Do your best, so, you get the best.